Monday, March 26, 2012

Psalm 69:5, O God, You know my folishness;

O God, You know my foolishness;
And my sins are not hidden from You.
The Psalm continues:

Let not those who wait for You,
O Lord God of hosts, be
ashamed because of me,
O God of Israel.

David cried out to God in this Psalm; recognizing God's complete omniscience, that He is aware of all our shortcomings and folly, and omnipotence, that He is the great orchestrator and able to bring about all things. With a torn heart David begs God to not allow his mistakes and shortcomings, sins and 'silliness' to cause others, "those who wait for [the Lord God of hosts and Israel]", to be ashamed.

Reading this I can't help but think of the Campos Blancos location I help with each Sunday; specifically, the increased responsibility David, our location leader, has now given me. Last Sunday David explained that in a few weeks I will be expected to teach the Bible lesson to the younger group, though my Spanish is not on a level that would make me comfortable with teaching (even a lesson meant for six to eight year olds) and though this will actually be my first time teaching a lesson in English or Spanish. More immediately, on Wednesday he instructed me to prepare a craft for the younger class this coming Sunday.

I must pray like David and ask God to help me with this. That He would give me strength and help and fill me ever continually with His Spirit.

That He knows my foolishness and sin, and that my fellow workers at the church would not be ashamed because of me.

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Written January 23, 2012
Oh glorious King,
Oh glorious Lord,
Beautiful and mighty,
Perfect are thee;
Lord fill up this broken vessel,
Break it, reshape it, fire it in preparation of thy will.
Fill me with your Spirit,
Lead me down your narrow way.
Make me as ready as you would have me,
Give yourself glory by those times I am not.
Show me your will God,
I want to live for you!
My life is yours God!
Take it!
Use it!
I beg of you!
Just point me God and I will do it!
I will run!
Stumble me into the path you would have me walk and I will shout,
Not with anger, frustration, or pain,
But Joy!
Please God!
Just soon, soon, soon!
Only in your perfect time God!
Reveal your will for the actions of this life that is yours,
It can do nothing on it's own,
It is weak where you are glorious and strong;
Yet in this weakness your strength is made perfect.
The conundrum of my service.
I can do nothing without you,
But God it is my honor to do all things for you,
My joy that you would use me,
And God, I ask you, please,
Lead me down this path in life that is most perfectly of YOU.
I am impatient!
I'm sorry!
I lay this at your cross.
I seek after you, and you alone,
The service for my God must never be my god,
My worship more pleasing to me than the God I worship;
What a sad and sorry shame that would be.
For those times it has happened,
Those times it will,
I'm sorry,
Please forgive me God.
I raise my hands to you and ask that you put them to work
Because that is how I know to show my love,
It is the way I show my love;
But I know you want my seeking,
And I will keep seeking,
And never stop.


  1. I was wondering, what is the main religion there? And how do we teach those who have a different faith than us?

  2. Catholicism is the most widely professed religion in El Salvador, but, praise God, from what I understand there is a large and still growing percentage of the population that have begun to claim themselves Evangelical Christians when the numbers are polled.

    I guess by teaching them Jesus? I was never very good about outreach before joining the Ignite program, but I think before trying to teach them about the details of our faith they need to be 'taught' the gospel of Christ so that the details of our faith become relevant. Unless you meant teaching them so they have a better understanding of what our faith is?

    Sorry if this is not what you meant, I hope it answers your question.