Friday, March 9, 2012

de facebook: "Straight"

So I've just finished organizing a massive number photos dating as far back as the beginning of December. I have never been one to share photos or anything like that, but by golly I am going to find a use for all(/some) of these things! >:0
Plus a number of the more recent photos will be put on facebook and the Flicker account for our team in El Salvador. (I finally saved the URL a few days ago! )

Linked is the music video for the song "Straight" by Take No Glory; a non-profit band recommended to me by Theodore Rein Jedlicka. So far the only other song I've listened to is "Beautiful Slave", a song written based upon the true story of a young girl who was kidnapped and forced into prostitution, but their music is powerful and, so far, I can believe God intends to use them mightily and has blessed them with great gifts that they are faithfully using in His service and for His glory.
I'd encourage everyone to check them out at where all of their songs are available free for download, and share this music with your friends so that their platform will grow and touch all the more lives for Christ.

Everyone struggles with sin, and there isn't any sin more inherently 'sinful' than any other: sin IS sin, and in sin we have ALL fallen short of the perfection of God. But in His perfection God also has a perfect love, and in His love our creator sent Christ, the savior, to die on the cross for our sins.
Mutilated and broken, humiliated and alone, Jesus took the price of our wrongdoings and failures, all of them, that God's justice might be made perfect and true and yet we, those who call out to Christ saying, "Lord SAVE ME!", might also still be saved and come to sit in His presence and bask in His glory rather than face the price and punishment of a debt we, in our sin, could never repay.

Praise be to the Lord who saves us!
Praise be to Him who makes all things new!
Praise be our Savior!
Praise be His name!
Praise be His victory!
Praise be His gain!
For we were all lost!
Wandering, astray!
But Christ came to save us!
To lead us the way!
To find us and bind us!
To take all our sins!
My God, my God!
My Savior, my King!
To you, you alone, I cry with ALL my heart!
Glory and honor be thy name!

Here's the link to a short video in which the singer/songwriter of Take No Glory explains "Straight".


  1. Wow, Dylan.. those pictures were amazing. I can see how the ministry is truly helping those both young and old.

  2. I am SO glad Theo introduced me to their music and ministry. :D