Monday, March 26, 2012

de facebook: "Wintery Soul"

Wintery Soul challenges those facing depression and struggling with a cold, hard heart to finally recognize that it is time to give up and stop fighting the battles in a war they can never win.

That there is nothing you can do on your own, that it is time to stop relying on your own strength as you slowly fall apart from the inside out and to call out to God with 'more than the words of a prayer'; that it is time to call out with all your heart and soul, crying out with all your faith, admitting your weaknesses and sin, saying, "God take this my life is yours!"

I can say this personally:
More than any resolve, more than any momentary joy or happiness, more than all the support and care you could desire of family and friends, more than every good and right thing in this world, more than human love, more than the pain we hate and never want to let go, the love of our God and Christ saves and sets the captives free.

To give up the ghost of our insignificant pride in honor of the One and only worthy of honor is more fulfilling than anything you will ever know apart from the love of Christ.

It is beautiful to be broken,
to drown in the deluge of His love.

"Wintery Soul" Song Interview By Take No Glory's singer and songwriter:


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