Friday, December 23, 2011

A change of pace, a change of book.

The Gilberts left for a few weeks to visit home and relatives, so it was decided that our half of the group (Chris, Kayla, Jaymi, Colin and myself) would stay at San Martin in the mean time. With the change of living local we also decided to change up our IBS, leaving James until Randy and Karen come back to join us and jumping from New Testament to Old with the wonderful history of a city rebuilt and the man blessed by God to spearhead the effort, Nehemiah. It isn't a verse-by-verse study, but the plan is for us to go through the book, one or two verses looked at per-chapter, before Randy and Karen get back.

Unfortunately with the change of pace (and slightly more restricted or less available internet access) I allowed myself to fall out of getting my studies up in a more timely manner and had not realized it had been so long since last uploading a study.

I pray that reading these IBS's will do you just as much good as they did myself in writing and study through the Holy Spirit.

Feliz Navidad!

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