Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Nehemiah 4:6, we built

So we built the wall, and the entire wall was joined together up to half its height, for the people had a mind to work. NKJV
They built vertically, but they also built horizontally.

They built up, but they also built together.

It's so easy to forget in our seeking after God that as we build up our faith and love and desire, always looking up, that we also need to reach out to the sides as well.

In building the wall, the Israelites built up in sections. Each group seen in chapter three of Nehemiah taking responsibility for a portion of the wall. However, they did not keep building up and up and up until the wall reached it's full height, forgetting about the work of their brethren and having a mind only for their own task. As they went, at key points of the building process they began building together so as to give the upper portions a firm support and so that the true purpose of the wall would be fulfilled.

What's the point in building a high wall of defense if you leave gaps for an enemy to come through?

Our walk with the Lord is much like the wall we see the Israelites building, each their own sections, but all together. We seek with eyes turned upwards, but we can't forsake the brothers and sisters who climb with us. Our walk was not meant to be alone, God did not call us to walk alone. The Bible tells us that we shouldn't forsake the gathering of the brethren like some do [Hebrews 10:25], we are told to love each other and support each other, caring for each other and providing for each other's needs.

In our walk with God, just as the Israelites did, we should not only build up, but sideways to meet and strengthen our fellow workers and support their own work as they support ours.

What good is it to build a mighty wall reaching after God, only to ignore the gaps and divisions between you and your brother? Between me and mine? The enemy is a cunning serpent, he can see the walls we build of faith and love and will calculate the best way to attack. If he sees a gap what possible reason would he have of going after your 'mighty defenses', when all he needs to do is harass the younger brother beside you or sneak in through the point where your defense fails to meet that of another?

When we are able God calls us to lift up our brethren and strengthen them, to allow no divisions to come between us. Jesus exemplifies this by being the perfect son of God and teaching to weak willed and imperfect humans who would go on to hurt Him. He loves us even in our youth and weakness, how much more should we love those who are also called but have not yet reached the same heights we have? If we personally take such great joy when those who have climbed higher reach down to us, shouldn't we do the same to others?

If Jesus was willing to build across to us even as He built up to God, shouldn't we do the same, both for our sakes and the sake of our brothers and sisters who might also be hurt in the attack? It's not as if only those who's walls were touching the gap are at risk, once the enemy breaches the wall anyone can be harmed until he is routed, the inner buildings are placed at risk and from his attack repairs must be made.

I want to be used by God to help and strengthen my brothers and sisters in what ways I can, in what ways He'd have me.

It is not quite so great a thing as building a wall, lifting up a younger brother or sister in their walk with God or repairing a relationship that the devil would be quite content to have left as is, but there is at least one thing I know of that I can personally do to help one of my brothers. There has been some trouble with waking up in the morning and if nothing else, if they would accept my help, I can do what I can to make sure they get up at the time they intend to without hitting the snooze button or falling back asleep, and keep them accountable to the goals they set during the day while fully awake, but forget about while still half asleep.

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I pray
to God
that He brings
my heart
to want
what He wants
for the reasons
He wants it.


  1. Yes, God has shown us how to humbly bless others.. For example, when he washed the disiples feet.

  2. Wow, thank you for saying that, and God that I read it today in particular. I just have some house chores and other things to do that I am not looking forward to, but should keep this in mind.

    Thank you again Lydia, and thank you for having an interest in these studies.